Thursday, July 30, 2009

MonsterBot's final sculpt.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hurra-Kane part 2

I have finished most of the sculpting for Hurra-Kane, now it sanding and smoothing time. I have used 2 types of clay creating this figure where the body is Sculpy Firm and the pouring rain is Castalien (I think that is how it's spelled). The reason I didn't just use Castalien for the whole figure is that have not gotten used to getting it as smooth as I want it. I use sanding sponges but it seems to clog them up quick. I hear you can smooth it with nylons but I haven't tried that out yet.

Ok the story behind Hurra-Kane: Living in Florida we were bombarded with hurricanes all through the late summer. When any of them started to get close all of a sudden they would be named. To me this made the hurricane more like a living thing or person. As most hurricanes go they all had bad temperaments, never happy, they just want to push you around. So that is what Hurra-Kane is about. It is the storm as a living creature with eyes in the center and sharp hands to slice and cut.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I started the process of my newest figure Hurra-Kane. Must like a real hurricane it has been a disaster! First sculpt I loved it! Then I baked the first layer of clay and it exploded! The foam balls I was using expanded and broke the figure. So I have to get different foam balls (heat tested them) and start over. I started out not liking this one but it has grown on me and I think this one will be a much better. Once I get the figure sculpted more I will go into detail of it's story.