Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Out and About

It's a summer slow down. No new projects happen but the studio is repairing some toys for there owners before moving forward with the next phase of monsterbot studio. In other news, I have been heading out and taking in some gallery shows that have been happening around town.
First up was SOMETIMES solo show of Lisa Lindholm
I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the opening show but really great work. I like the contrast between what looked pixelated and what was more defined. I also got a good chuckle over the series of paintings(?) that are of maps with what looks like screen printed text on top. Most of the text was some remark about that place on the map.

I also attended the ROYGBIV two person show with Kasten Searles and Edward Ruiz. Very hip artwork from both artist. I believe this was Edwards first time showing off his light projection installations in a gallery space, very groovy. He let me have a sneak peek at some of the ideas he was working on, and I know they are only going to get more elaborate! Kasten's almost life sized work was very pop and had the over all feeling I was in high school again with the hot cool girls starring me down, which is good.

Finally I went to the Luck13 show featuring:Clint Scism, Ange Fitzgerald ,Mark Nelson ,Dan Colcer ,Cathryn Colcer ,Turner Vanblarcum ,Hellbilly Delux Hats ,Tyson Summers ,Joe Bowden Sr. ,Brittany Paige ,Daniel Perez ,JetArt ,Jeff Kiec
Big art show lot of artist tucked in every corning of the space. I have to say my favorites were Daniel Perez and Tyson Summers. Tyson's new work is a little bit more on the abstract side this time around which caught me off guard because I saw it from across the room and liked it. I don't normally like that type of stuff, but once I got up close to it and saw who it was it made perfect sense. Daniels work I always enjoy seeing because of his use of comics or iconic figures of the nerdy kind. What I was most surprised about was the painting of Admiral Ackbar has still not been sold. I saw in another show and could of sworn that it was bought up. This is a Kill piece of nerd art! Hopefully posting it here it will find a good home...and not tempt me any more...IT's A TRAP!