Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! If you had probably noticed leading up to the 4th my MonsterBot went up for sale in the shop. What I didn't expect was the overwhelming response to the figures! Mostly this was due the posting on Spanky Stokes blog. All 5 figures were gone overnight. Didn't even have time to post it here(sorry!). So I will be make move this time so check out the Twitter page for the progression of the next set of MonsterBots!

Be on the look out!
Free Toys will be left behind at special events! I will be posting the when and wheres on the Twitter feed along with a snap shop of it's surroundings. Free for the taking for anyone to stumble across! I have already done this once over at We Are 1976! Here is what was left behind at the store...

If you find any of my Free Toys send me a pic and I will post up on the site!
Happy Hunting!