Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

After the UnderGround (A post show report)


On February 12th was the annual Underground Art show held by the crew of Art Love Magic.
Underground is a chance for Dallas artist to come out and show off there skills in front of everyone! Being my first time I was amazed at how many people attended and just out right loved.............wait for it.............ISCREAM!


If you have been following my twitter (why not?) you would have had first look at this collaboration between myself and Mac IX aka Cody Phillips. ISCREAM is a diabolical ice cream treat that survives through his refrigerated robot body. During the show I was casting the different "Favors" for the ice cream head, while Mac IX applied his killer painting skills for the face.


ISCREAM at the MonsterBot Shop along with other items from the show.
Also for those interested hit up the flickr page to see the collection of progress shots from doodle to final figure! Enjoy!