Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ok, this session is over. I got to the point where I have done a prime coat and there are still spots the need work before the molding process. This shouldn't take me much more time but it is getting late. I hope you have enjoy this process, it might not be as fun as the painting one done in March(?) but it is something that not a lot of people show... probably for a good reason, it is really boring! At least me sitting there doing it was. Check back next week for THE STORM!

I have gotten pretty far with MonsterBot in this hour, but it is not his day to be worked on. Soon after dinner the sanding and cleaning of Frugi will continue.

Frugi is all Putty'ed up with a new set of mitts and more curves around the legs making Frugi less Boxy more organic. Next hour I will be working MonsterBot while the putty dries.

Plastic Surgery Time. Fill holes, smooth out parts, and rebuild hands (no more claws).

Hour 2

Finished the ruff sanding next is finer sanding...funny nobody shows this part of toy making the very tedious sanding.

All Day Blog!

I will be working on Frugi2 all day today and posting the process of the new cleaner Frugi! Let the clean up begin with PINK!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where have I been?
Well I had a tough time getting back into the studio after the Attack of the Designer Toy Show, and I made a promise that I would see a Doctor about my hearing loss. Well after some meds and diet changes later I have permanently lost 57% of my hearing in my right ear. During this process I wasn't feel all to creative so I picked up doing some toy customizing. Painting these figures will come much later than normal since I am now BACK and working on 2 new figures! Let me know what you think so far!