Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's been a little heck-tic at Monster Bot Studio this last week. After getting accepted into a Custom Munny Show at Fling Gallery I had 2 weeks to build a new Munny for the Show. And the result it the above creation "Anatomunny" It will be on display at the Fing Gallery (2924 Main St. Dallas TX 75226) until Dec. 6 where there will be a Closing of the Munny Show and an Opening of their Ornament show. My other custom Munny (Munsterbot) will be there and OrganDonner Gang was there but sold shortly on the Opening day. So come and check out the show, or better yet come to the closing and check out all the great art!


Edward Ruiz Art said...

nice one scott!!

love the transparent munny!

well done!

krakit said...

This is awesome!!