Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am one lazy artist

Studio is still not ready so I have nothing new to show or even talk about, so I would like to highlight some of my close artist friends for a bit. These people I know personally, and not only am I a friend but a fan of their work.

First up is Nick Orban. Wait a minute this guy doesn’t have any toys or even uses bright colors?!?! Yes, surprising I like this style as well. As an artist and an individual it’s always good to broaden your horizons and see something that is outside your norm. Nick and I go back a long time since College, and it been great watching his work evolve to what it is now. Since moving out to Seattle the subjects of his paintings have become land and city scapes. I have selected some of my personal favorites to show here, but you can see more at http://nickorban.com or even check out his blog http://nickorban.blogspot.com/

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