Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am a lazy artist series PART 2!

The Studio is about 50% done-meaning all my stuff is in that room, just needs to sorted it out. So I am continuing with writing about my friends.
Also check out the interview about designer toys and Dallas with our friends
Edward and Nreazon! Art & Seek

I am going in order of who I have know the longest and next up is Mr. Gary Brickel (BrixPix). Little fact about me is that I am bad influence. Meeting me makes you do crazy things, like shutting off your T.V. and going out to places, or even worst… do something creative! When I was out of college I got my first job working in the “art department” of a big company. Boring as it was I brought in a Munny I was customizing to work on during my lunch break. This caught the eye of Gary Brickel who was fascinated by this “New Canvas.” It was downhill from there. His style is very Pop Art and has a lot of Retro imagery all done in a pen and ink cartoon style. The amount of detailed that goes into his work would make me nuts if I had to do it! Check out his site and follow him on twitter! http://brixpix.wordpress.com/ http://twitter.com/brixpix


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the mention Scott. For the record, the Retro artist is Gary Brickel. Gotta local munnyshow comin up in February. And I'm contacting Coke to see if the might sponser a Cokehead Show. like you said.. all downhill from here :P

monsterBOT said...

Sorry Gary I fix it! Sweet for getting a sponser for it! good luck!